Steiner and the Blood Demons

Is the human race under spiritual attack? And did the esoteric philosopher and clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner warn about it over a century ago when he said a ‘vaccine’ would be the delivery system for the defeat of humanity?

For many, the overly-authoritarian response by governments worldwide to Covid-19 pointed to some deeper, more sinister, driving force. But it hasn’t just been the governments that seemed to be acting strange. Over the last two years we’ve witnessed people across a broad spectrum of society meekly submit to draconian attacks on their freedoms, many even fiercely defending the assault. In the same way, we’ve seen politicians and parties who once ran on platforms of personal freedom and economic autonomy almost overnight turn into overbearing control freaks, intent on micromanaging every aspect of our lives. How has this happened?

Recently, the term ‘mass formation psychosis’ has been on everybody’s lips. It’s defined as a psychological phenomenon whereby a mass of people voluntarily go through a process of deindividuation and a herd mentality forms. Due to their contagious nature, the thoughtforms affecting these deindividuated people, catalysed by the positive feedback loops of news programmes, social media and peer interaction, spread like wildfire throughout the population. In the past, this used to be called mob psychology, or more plainly, the madness of crowds.

Psychology: from Science to the Occult

Someone for whom the events of the past couple of years would not have been so surprising was the Austrian esoteric philosopher and mystic Rudolf Steiner, who died almost a century ago. Throughout the course of his life Steiner wrote numerous books and delivered thousands of lectures on his theories, contributing greatly to diverse spheres from architecture to education, and agriculture to beekeeping. His highly unique – and sometimes controversial – insights and methods led to the founding of the spiritual movement known as Anthroposophy, which emphasises the existence of a boundless potential for human beings.

Unlike some esoteric thinkers, Steiner saw the great importance of materialistic science, but argued that it was vital to see it as only a single aspect of reality which should ideally be combined with what he called ‘spiritual science’ – gained by mystical experience – in order to present the full picture. After all, breakthroughs often occur when scientists receive insights from beyond the material realm, as in the famous case of James Watson, credited with the discovery of the double helix shape of DNA which came to him in a dream featuring two intertwined serpents. Similarly, Dmitri Mendeleev, created the period table after a dream of “… a table where all the elements fell into place as required.” These cases go to show that not all scientific discoveries are the result of logical deduction and experimentation.

In fact, Steiner, who had been on the receiving end of mystical insights since childhood, honed his clairvoyant skills to such an extent that the information he received from non-conventional sources became more than the occasional flash of insight, His quest became the establishment of methods for obtaining objective extrasensory perception – a task he considered of paramount importance for he believed an epic battle was being fought in the spiritual realm that would have disastrous consequences for humankind unless it was addressed head-on.

Spirits of Darkness

His clearest warnings about the future fate of humanity came in a series of lectures delivered towards the end of his life in Dornach, Switzerland; these lectures are reproduced in the book The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness. Although Steiner’s detractors say his prose can be leaden, his lectures meandering, and his concepts difficult to grasp, he is remarkably clear and straightforward when it comes to the fate that awaits humanity if our obsession with scientific materialism is allowed to reign free without being pulled back into balance by the counterbalancing forces of spirituality.

This is most clearly illustrated in the final two lectures in the series – 13 and 14 – which are respectively titled The Fallen Spirits’ Influence in the World and Into the Future. Steiner posits that an unseen battle took place in the early 19th century which certain ‘spirits of darkness’ lost. These spirits were duly ejected from their heavenly realms and cast down into a more material plane of existence i.e. here. He is remarkably precise about when this occurred: autumn 1879.

These newly arrived spirits joined those who were already here – the ones that have been existing alongside and influencing humanity since the mythological times associated with the Fall. Given that it takes time for these malign spirits to work their way through human societies, it wasn’t until 1914 when their malign influence manifested in human society in the form of the First World War – a disastrous event the cause of which still puzzles secular historians.

Lucifer and Ahriman – the Leaders of the Pack

Steiner’s carving of the face of Ahriman

The spirits Ahriman and Lucifer have been hacking humanity for thousands of years, says Steiner, with Lucifer being the ‘light bringer’ intent on making us more spiritual and granting us more free will, and Ahriman doing the opposite and making us more materialistic and easier to control. In simplistic terms, Lucifer is an ascending influence, which Ahriman is a descending one.

Why should they want to do this? Well, we just don’t know – it’s difficult for our human minds to figure out what makes angels and demons tick. But whenever there’s one of those periodic battles in the spirit world, Steiner said, it tends to result in a new batch of reinforcements being thrown down into the material realm to join forces with those already here.

Steiner told us that Ahriman – a demon first identified by the Zoroastrians in ancient Persia – has the upper hand right now. He had a personal beef with Ahriman and had seen his face in vision – in fact he was still carving a likeness of it out of wood at the time of his death. Ahriman’s main aim seems to be to drag humankind into a purely materialistic state devoid of any form of spirituality, removing even the impulse to connect with our souls. The method of attack would be through science and technology, and by taking possession of the minds of powerful and influential people in order to push through this agenda. These controlled people could be scientists, politicians, religious leaders, or anyone with any influence. Thus, demonic forces would work through these people, and the people themselves, blinded by all-too-human failings such as greed or a lust for power, would lack the basic awareness to recognise what was occurring.

A New Religion for a New Age

The background to this power grab was the rise of atheism and the worship of science and progress. Now, we have a situation in which a purely materialist perspective is presented as the only explanation for all creation. Atheism has, for some, become a de facto religion, while the rich traditions of native spirituality have been side-lined and crushed under its heel. People, animals and in fact all life is regarded in the same cold manner; merely receptacles of proteins and genetic code that can be exploited. The endgame of this play is presented as a bleak, monochrome world expunged of spirit and light, where humans – their minds and spirits broken – are herded together and monitored like lab animals.

We can see how this scenario is being expedited. The CEOs of tech corporations are viewed almost as saints or Bodhisattvas, dangling the carrot of eternal life in the form of uploading the ‘data’ contained within our brains onto microchips. At the same time, politicians, corporate scientists, civil servants and economists are regarded as technocratic engineers tasked with ensuring the smooth functioning of the juggernaut of the material economy. Free will? The implicit assumption is that this will be unnecessary once the AI powered algorithms – which know us better than we do – reach escape velocity. At this stage, human life would have no intrinsic value, and the shells of our former selves would be occupied by the demonic army that Steiner warned us was waiting for its moment.

In the Blood

Some people say that Rudolf Steiner predicted a vaccine would appear which would be the delivery system for the final defeat of humankind. In light of the clandestine efforts made over the last two years to inject almost everybody on the planet with a gene editing treatment, his prescience seems remarkable – but how true is it? Amazingly, Steiner was remarkably clear (by his own standards) about the physical process by which this takeover would occur. He states in his final lecture in The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness that the spiritual world where entities such as angels, demons and archangels dwell is within the human blood. He meant this quite literally, saying:

“Both the Archangels and the Angels had their dwelling place in the blood, as it were. Truly, the blood is not something merely for chemists to analyse; it is also the dwelling place of entities from higher worlds.”

To that end, he speculated that the delivery mechanism will be in the form of a vaccine, injected directly into our bodies.

“Today [in 1917] bodies are vaccinated against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life – ‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of the materialists.”

This ‘vaccine’, he goes on to say, would block off any communication from the spirit world, meaning no messages or impulses would be able to get through from the ‘spirits of light’ whose aim is always to help humanity progress and fulfil our destiny. Positive impulses which were once transmitted to us would be permanently locked out by the vaccine, and instead the hapless victims would only be able to receive the impulses coming to them from disruptive sources, which we can imagine today might include the media, the education system and even established religion. There would be great confusion, he says, and Ahrimanic forces will turn people’s thoughts upside down and inside out. Everything that once was good and sensible will appear evil and crazy, while everything that was once considered insane and evil will be presented as sensible and good.

Squid Games: From Wetiko to The Matrix

Does this all sound implausible, the ramblings of a long-dead mystic? Many will no doubt say that it does, and that there are more earthly and plausible explanations for the psychic epidemic which has gripped the world. Perhaps Steiner was speaking metaphorically after all, some may reason. Nevertheless, the phenomenon to which Steiner alluded bears striking similarities to the Native American concept of the demonic force they call wetiko. The author Paul Levy has written extensively about this, defining it as “a contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions.”

Listening to a recent Legalise Freedom podcast entitled Covid-19: War on Humanity, Emma Farrell, a plant healer who uses shamanic techniques to access inner realms, made the observation that she and others in the same field had seen a veritable horde of spiritual parasitic entities attached to people over the last two years – as if a floodgate had been opened and they had poured through it. These entities, she says, come in all shapes and sizes but there are two very common and recognisable ones, one of which is squid-like. These squid-like beings, she says, attach themselves to unprotected people and harvest their spiritual energy by causing division and discord among us.

This struck me as interesting as we’ve seen this squid archetype move into human consciousness over the past few years, not least becoming apparent through popular culture. Many people have reported having dreams of octopus or squid-like creatures, and artists such as Peter Yankowski have painted pictures of these visions. Indeed, the villainous machines that control humans and harvest their energies in the Matrix movies look like robotic squids, while one of the top Netflix series of 2021 was Squid Game, a grim and violent survival thriller that posits human nature as intrinsically barbaric. What’s more, the resurgence in popularity of H.P. Lovecraft’s supernatural tales of horrors from the deep adds another tentacled layer to this rugose cake.

And let’s not forget when Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s largest investment banks, was memorable described by Rolling Stone journalist Matta Taibbi as a “great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.” The description is apt, after all, what is the purpose of an investment bank other than to turn every aspect of the sacred world into a monetised asset that can be traded, exploited and leveraged?

The Path Back to Sanity

Could this manifestation of a squid/octopus archetype into human consciousness be what Steiner was warning us about? Are there really spiritual entities within our blood that could account for billionaire technocrats’ obsession with injecting substances into us that are said to contain nanoparticles we know very little about? And how does this sit with the psychospiritual disease of wetiko outlined by Paul Levy, and the concept of ‘mass formation psychosis’ being talked about in the alternative media?

Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the nexus of these concepts, with the implicit suggestion that we should not rest in our deep enquiry into the manner of the affliction that is currently so prevalent across the world. Only by doing so can we hope to find the necessary tools and weapons to fight back against it.

Or maybe the Ahrimanic demons that Steiner warned us about, the wetiko mind parasites Paul Levy writes of, and the tentacled entities that have squirmed into our collective consciousness via popular culture are all playing on the same team. If so, what does our team look like? And how do we win this game? Perhaps the fight is a necessary one at this juncture in human development, and that by defeating these ‘spirits of darkness’ we can progress to a higher level.

Whatever the case, referring back to the old adage alluded to earlier, people it’s said, might go mad in crowds, but the path back to sanity happens one person at a time.

Blood Demons original title artwork by Michael Cox – see his art on Instagram here

28 thoughts on “Steiner and the Blood Demons

  1. Jason, I’m delighted to see your post today. Very timely and relevant. Are you familiar with JMG’s Dreamwidth journal? He has been hosting a weekly forum on our plague predicament and there’s been a fair amount of discussion there about the possibilities of demonic influences at work. I’ve just recommended your essay over there…hope that’s OK and that you’ve been well. Very good to hear from you!


    1. Just followed Jim’s recommendation over on JMG’s site. Solid article, I’ll be curious to see what sort of commentariat shows up for this.



  2. I propose a natural origin for the squids and their recent increasing.

    You see, im a professional organic gardener and what you describe sounds like a succesful organism. More precisely, we’re talking about a succesfull parasitistic being.
    That’s the reason behind the increase. It’s not that some gate has opened, it’s that these beings are thriving.

    Now, why it’s succesfull?Because their preys/hosts have lost their capacity to defend themselves, and so the parasits can exploit them with great efficency and reproduce accordingly. Rinse and repeat, and you have what is comonly called a pest.

    Why their hosts/preys can’t defend themselves? They are in a weak state. Caused by what?By some toxin, stress factor or the inability to get enough nourishment. I think all three answers are correct in regards to many people living today in the first world.
    One last thing
    Since we’re not talking about physical beings, the weakness in question is also nonphysical.


    1. Parasitic infection indeed. It reminds me of honey bees and the spread of the varroa mite. They have almost no protection against it, and all of a sudden you get colony collapse. I do believe most of us are in a state of etheric starvation, leading to many holes in our defences that unwholesome critters can exploit.


    2. Well said ! The weakness is indeed one of the will . It is meaninglessness, lack of character , purpose and ultimately I think results in less spirit . This must be the result of being so degraded by materialism and only believing in a materialistic universe . So glad to find this article and wonderful insights of comments . This also resonates with me , as just last night I had the most horrific dream of being hunted by these disgusting telepathic aliens, filled with cruelty and malice they were with only an all consuming nature to feed. They also seemed to laugh at and enjoy suffering and fear and the idea that prey would try to escape but there was no where to go, just a matter of time . They were like a Steven King movie I had seen , worm like creatures with more legs around the head and a gaping maw filled with rows of sharp teeth . Sorry for such a graphic picture but it’s so fresh in my mind. Indeed I think we need to find our defense and offense here . I’d love to hear any thing I can do . I think cutting out drugs and alcohol is a first step.


  3. The electric current running through our blood. An unseen could ride the rails.
    Perhaps a fast or a shutting down for a minute and they could fall off.
    Protection is built day by day.
    By day.


  4. Hi Jason,

    Good to see you back writing again. 🙂 People seem to be rather careless as to the malign influences they take on board, and a person seeing this can only but do their best and try to diffuse the situation here and there in minor ways. Anyway, there’s plenty of work to be done!

    Hope your patch of paradise is going well? I’ve had a crazy growing season in that it has been cold and damp, but I’m getting by OK. On the other hand I seem to have found myself near to the very epi-centre of extreme crazy responses over the past two years. Mate, I just keep on keeping on.




    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks – I’ve been rather busy the last 12 months with rather dull stuff, but my orchard produced well last year and I’ve a load of apple cider vinegar brewing up in the basement. Wood cut last winter is now heating our house quite nicely, and my mushroom logs continue producing year after year.

      Indeed, personal protection would seem to be an important aspect of every day life, but most are left unguarded. I’ve been following the news from your part of the world in dismay – hope you are bearing up well. I wouldn’t want to be Dan Andrews when there’s a sea change in the narrative – which I think is already happening …



    2. BTW Chris – I’ve heard that this is not being reported in Australia (not sure how true that is), but there are virtually no restrictions here in England unless it’s to do with foreign travel. I have people in Oz and NZ telling me they had no idea about this. Big cracks in the narrative are starting to show.


      1. Hi Jason,

        Nope, I had heard that that was so, but it is not reported upon widely in our media. Our news from your part of the world seems to be focused on your politicians foolish indiscretions, it’s not a good look that party business and smacks of ‘do as I say’. Yup, the cracks are forming. I heard someone the other day describe our state premier as: Chairman Dan. Very amusing and it gives you an indication of the feeling on the ground at street level. The regular massive protests hardly even rate a mention in the media.

        Of interest is that the quantitative easing (hovering between four and five billion per week) looks set to end in about a week. Hang onto your hat folks, it’s gonna go wild.

        Respect to you and your produce update sounds pretty good to me. Get this, late summer and I’m running the wood heater today. I would not wish a year without a summer on my worst enemy. If I had to rely on the produce here, I’d get very sick of potatoes – quickly.




    3. Thank you for this succinct analysis of Steiner’s warning. My own response to the insanity has been to connect to nature and megaliths. Counterintuitively I’ve never felt better and this raises further questions, the collapse seems inevitable and necessary, resistance futile.


  5. Excellent and intriguing piece. I only have a passing familiarity with Steiner though ‘Ahriman’ has popped up in things I’ve been reading and viewing over the past 12 months. Whatever this ‘mental virus’ might be, I’m seeing that the more orthodox people are in their thinking, the more susceptible they are to its influence.


  6. Sounds completely crazy to me. So I must be infected, I guess! I could cope with Kingsnorth becoming an Orthodox Christian and indeed believe that a purely materialist view of existence leads ultimately to despair but all this ‘squids in the blood’ stuff from Steiner sounds plain weird.


    1. Yes – agreed – it does sound completely crazy! Nobody can ever gauge whether Steiner was correct about things as he never revealed his sources, as far as I know. He could have been deluded, although his many acolytes would doubtless disagree. Whatever the case, he left a legacy of truly unique thinking that is useful in many areas of life. As for the squids – it could either be some new archetype being birthed in the human consciousness, or actual etheric critters who’ve just discovered a large flock of humans to feast upon … who knows.


  7. It may all be so ; for me , the ruling spirit of this world exists due directly to the human state, which is in fact , the ‘ fallen state ‘and evil spirits take the form of mans’ insecurities and fears and paranoia that cause the thoughts that drive him to act as a fallen angel or demon . All is to bring men together in perfect peace and the understanding of what causes hell and so inherit his light body or the conciousness that is one with God , the ressurection of man .


  8. Wonderful piece, Jason! I’ve just one addition – when you say “Why should they want to do this? Well, we just don’t know.” Rudolf Steiner was very clear that Ahriman has hated Christ for thousands of years, and that the intensification of the Ahrimanic legions’ attack at this time is because humanity is on the threshold of developing etheric clairvoyance – which includes the perception of the Etheric Christ, now united with Earth. See:


  9. A well written article Jason. Steiner puts a date to the battle. In a sense we are in a play, called “Humanity.” Act 1 Scene 1 is so different to Act 3 Scene 2, for example, but of course they’re both important to the build up to Act 4 Scene 4, the finale. Steiner’s alarm bells, to what appears to be the finale, the dystopia that is unfolding, one cannot deny. But in all of this, perhaps Steiner didn’t give enough emphasis on the creation process itself? Intelligent design on an unimaginable scale, if taken as a given, would surely suggest that the ” designer ” is in control. An Ahriman would surely be on a leash? Whether the designer pulls the trigger on this evil? Surely YES?


  10. Great article!

    According to the book ‘The Future of Humanity and the Earth as Foreseen by Rudolf Steiner’ by Richard Seddon we as humans have many thousands of years on the planet with many evolutionary phases ahead so what is occuring now is just one small step in the whole process, but likely a highly essential one.


  11. Hello Jason,

    Great article. We seem to have similar thoughts. I wrote an article last December with many of these same links between Steiner’s predictions, how it connects to Wetiko, etc:

    I think Steiner’s great insights into the “lies of humanity” also play into this, the specific collective lies I identify as salvationism and worship of “authority” as it relates to the new scientism (and the mind virus behind it):


  12. I arrived here through Mysterious Universe. They covered your article in their recent plus membership podcast.

    A great article, very thoughtful and well written. I had my own experience with what I believe to be a fox spirit. Around 2001 I read a qigong or magic book with bad elements in it. I saw a fox staring through the window at me. The window was too high up for a fox to reach there.

    I think it comes down to character. Do t give these entities any of our energy. I try and stay positive these days without strong pursuit or greed. Every day is a blessing for me to improve myself spirituality. Keep up the good fight.


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